A word about JPAR Endeavors Corporation An art project brought to the public in 2012 featuring the text and art work of artist J.E. RIchards has inspired the creation of JPAR Endeavors Corp. By 2013 the first book was published by J.E. RIchards and his two partners through his company Last Breath Studios. 2 years later a 4th partner was discovered and JPAR Endeavors Corporation was created to develop and distribute the art works of J.E. Richards. More books, drawings, apparel and other goods seemed just the right match for the intriguing works of J.E. Richards and so JPAR Endeavors Corp took on the task to develop and distribute his goods with a strong team of 4 owners. Here are our current product lines. www.lastbreathstudios.com Currently in the making  www.petecasti.com The piano Works of Pete Casti www.tenknotsup.com Our soon to be Aviation product line Founded by 4 partners JPAR Endeavors Corp. is kicking off their flagship project www.lastbreathstudios. com featuring the works of artist J.E. Rishards   © JPAR Endeavors Corporation 2014 Made with Xara